Telecom / Datacom Laser Modules

1310 nm and 1550 nm

Excellent output power stability and constant wavelength are features of OSI Laser Diode, Inc’s (LDI) laser series that make these modules ideal for applications such as telecommunications and test instrumentation.

These devices comprise a Fabry-Perot laser chip and a singlemode optical fiber that are aligned in LDI’s high stability, temperature controlled, low reflection, 14-pin dual-in-line module. LDI’s laser chips are based on a multiple quantum well structure fabricated by an MOCVD technology and processed into a ridge wave guide device structure.

Telecom / Datacom Laser Modules

Product Features

  • Power to 2 mW
  • Singlemode 9/125 Fiber
  • 14-pin DIP
  • MQW Laser Structure
  • High Stability Fiber Coupling
  • Hermetically Sealed

Product Applications

  • Telecom Data Tansmission
  • Laser Based Instruments
  • Light Source