Hybrid Laser Diodes for Pulsed Operations

905 nm

The LHCVN series incorporates a pulsed laser firing circuit into the same package as the laser diode. The hybridization of the driver permits much narrower pulse widths and faster rise times at lower voltage requirements than discrete laser drivers. The LHCVN series is compatible with all OSI Laser Diode, Inc. standard MOCVD laser diodes and can be optimally driven utilizing commercially available MOSFET drivers. The hermetic TO5 package and increased efficiency is ideal when space and weight are of primary concern.

Hybrid Laser Diodes for Pulsed Operations

Product Features

  • High Efficiency
  • High Peak Power Emission
  • 905 nm Peak Emission Wavelength
  • Low Voltage Operation (100 V Maximum)
  • RoHS Compiant

Product Applications

  • Rangefinders
  • Ceilometers
  • Weapons Simulation
  • Surveying