New Products

New Products

LAPD 3050 InGaAs APD Module


The LAPD 3050 is a 50um InGaAs APD housed in a hermetic 3 pin coaxial package. The APD is coupled to a singlemode
fiber pigtail. The low noise, overload tolerant LAPD 3050 coax APD makes the devices ideal for OTDRs, line receivers and
any other light level detection/ signal transmission application.

1300nm Edge-Emitting LED / TO56 Package


OSI Laser Diode, Inc’s 1300nm edge-emitting LEDs feature stable power and spectral characteristics over temperature. These LEDs are typically used in data or analog transmission systems where the launch power requirements are too great for an SLED component and where a laser is not suitable. The ELED device is packaged in a 3 pin TO56 with window cap. This part is RoHS compliant.

905nm Pulsed Laser Diodes w/ Integrated Micro Lens


The 905nm pulsed laser offers a far field
beam pattern with equivalent divergence values
for both the Fast (Perpendicular) and the Slow
(Parallel) Axes of emission. The adjusted Far
Field pattern offers higher coupling efficiency
into standard spherical lens systems.
The laser/lens is hermetically sealed in a
9mm package that offers robust environmental
survival capability for demanding applications
such as field deployed range finders.
This product is RoHS compliant.